steve chiu is a process based artist, working across analog and digital mediums to generate visual metaphors for immaterial feelings and ideas. self-referential in nature, steve’s visual language draws upon writings and sketches created through abstraction and observation to generate forms and shapes steeped in memory and emotion. by day, steve works at buddhist tzu chi foundation, building community around sustainable development, interfaith understanding and climate action, and is deeply interested in how we perceive and experience the world we live in, mindfulness, and unpacking false dichotomies.

ten things i’d like for you to see:

  1. holistic climate solutions summit: come say hi
  2. i’m writing a monthly zine, which you can read here!
  3. download a cute 8 page coloring book here
  4. 30 digital drawings i really enjoyed making
  5. i taught a computer how to draw like me
  6. artists i absolutely ADORE
  7. a list of ten questions that make my heart sing
  8. some sunsets that make me think of you
  9. two drawings living at Collar Works right now
  10. i love you, don’t touch me